Bee Keeping Apprentice

Earning this certificate will distinguish you as a beekeeper grounded in science and versed in the latest discoveries in honey bee health.

Although each of the courses is only a few weeks in length, the full program takes three years to complete.  It is structured to give participants a full year of experience between courses.

The program begins with the basics of handling honey bees, takes students through diagnosing pests and diseases, managing hives for optimal honey bee health, as well as honey production and marketing, and concludes with the business of beekeeping.

The courses meet online with instructors guiding the lessons, participating in discussions, and being available to answer questions. 

The courses have traditionally been noncredit with a certificate of completion, but students have the option of taking the courses for academic credit through the University of Montana.  In either option, students must be aware these are rigorous courses that require participation in discussion forums and completion of assignments and quizzes.

Non-Credit Certificate: online

Total Credits: 0


💲 Cost of course: $325

🕓 Length of course: 0 - 3 Months

💲 Average salary: Under $50,000

💻 online: Yes

Hands On Learning: No

Dual Enrollment: No

Credential Type: Non-Credit Certificate: online

📞 Contact person: Email: