Certified Public Manager

The Montana Certified Public Manager® (CPM) Program is based in the Baucus Institute Department of Public Administration and Policy. The CPM Program curriculum is determined by the National Certified Public Manager® Consortium, which is the accrediting body for the Montana Certified Public Manager® Program.

The purpose of the Montana Certified Public Manager® Program is to provide an in-depth, comprehensive, competency-based, nationally certified program for all managers from state and local government organizations, universities, and those from business and industry who desire this training and certification.

Montana CPM demonstrates this by:

  • Providing high-quality instruction which enhances participant performance in competencies identified as essential to managerial effectiveness in MT state and local government.
  • Using multiple sources of feedback to build participant self-awareness concerning the impact of their own behavioral style, values, beliefs, and competencies on managerial performance.
  • Facilitating participants’ applications of learning on the job to improve the effectiveness of MT state agencies/universities, local government organizations, and other participants.

Program participants will be able to sharpen their personal and professional leadership styles and expand the knowledge and skills needed to manage and inspire positive change in their workplaces and communities. Participants will meet for a total of twelve days over a period of 12 months. The competency-based instruction comprised of our modules will take place in-class sessions and online exercises. The program culminates with students completing a capstone project before obtaining the public manager certification at the end of the 12-month program. The capstone project facilitates change in the participant’s agency. Participants are able to take an issue or problem and focus on it with the supervisor’s cooperation, and by applying the concepts learned in the program, participants will be able to implement the ideas and solutions proposed by the capstone project.

The Montana Certified Public Manager® (CPM) Program, which consists of 300 total hours of training, is designed in conformance with the requirements of the National Certified Public Manager® Consortium.  This hybrid program is designed for working professionals to accommodate busy schedules by completing a portion of the classes online. The cost for the Montana Certified Public Manager® (CPM) Program is $3,500.

Training and Certification

Total Credits: 0

Location: Dept. Public Administration & Policy

💲 Cost of course: $3,500

🕓 Length of course: 10 - 12 Months

💲 Average salary: Above $50,001

💻 online: Yes

Hands On Learning: No

Dual Enrollment: No

Credential Type: Training and Certification

📞 Contact person: Ben Hamman, ben.hamman@mso.umt.edu