Intro to Culinary Medicine

This badge demonstrates an understanding of how Culinary Medicine relates to Culinary Arts & Medical Sciences; how nutrition incorporates into the practice of Culinary Medicine; how to address the non-ingredient influences of dietary choices; epigenetics, nutrigenomics, and other β€œ-omic” approaches; the gut microbiome and how these relate to food choices and health. Moreover, recipients of this badge will gain a strategy to source tasteful and healthful comestibles.

Micro-Credential: online

Total Credits: 0

Location: UM College of Health

πŸ’² Cost of course: $249

πŸ•“ Length of course: 0 - 3 Months

πŸ’² Average salary: Above $50,001

πŸ’» online: Yes

Hands On Learning: No

Dual Enrollment: No

Credential Type: Micro-Credential: online

πŸ“ž Contact person: Michael Fenster M.D.,