Speech Language Pathology/Audiology Assistant

Our fully online Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant (SLPA) Certificate program is designed to provide students with foundational knowledge in the areas of speech, language, and hearing development in order to be eligible to become assistants in Speech-Language Pathology, and includes an increased amount of credit hours dedicated to clinical application and observation in the fields of SLP. Being an SLP assistant provides the opportunity to directly work with and help individuals with speech, language, and hearing disorders in schools, clinics, and hospitals, under the supervision of a certified speech-language pathologist.

The SLPA Certificate program is a pathway into the speech-language pathology professions. SLP-Assistants are not certified as Speech-Language Pathologists as certified SLP  are required to complete graduate training. The SLPA Certificate, however, can be a stepping stone to working toward the goal of becoming a certified SLP in the following ways:

  •  SLPA courses can be applied towards the completion of a University of Montana Communicative Sciences and Disorders Bachelors of Arts degree if students complete other UM Bachelors of Arts general education requirements.
  • Provided you already have a Bachelor's degree (in any major), the SLPA courses can be applied towards the completion of our Leveling Program, which allows you to then apply to graduate school to become a speech-language pathologist.

The SLPA Certificate program consists of 8 online courses for a total of 23 credits. These 8 courses can be completed within one calendar year and are offered fully online (no face-to-face sessions required). The courses have an asynchronous learning environment, which means students can work on courses at times that best fit their schedules. However, instructors may assign deadlines for assignments, course projects, and exams.

Certificate: online

Total Credits: 23

Location: Speech Language Health, UM

💲 Cost of course: $9,890

🕓 Length of course: 10 - 12 Months

💲 Average salary: Above $50,001

💻 online: Yes

Hands On Learning: No

Dual Enrollment: No

Credential Type: Certificate: online

📞 Contact person: Mina May, mina.may@mso.umt.edu