No matter where you are in your educational career cycle, we can help you grow and advance. It's never too late or too early to assess your skills and explore your career pathways.

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Looking to start your career? We can assist you to find the program you're looking for.

Tired of your career and want to make a change? We can help you explore your options.

 you looking for opportunities to achieve a promotion or move your career to the next level? Contact us to find out how we can help.  


Interested in taking courses that advance your skill-set for the modern market? We offer options in credit and non-credit courses. 

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Earn Digital Badges

A digital badge demonstrates that you’ve achieved a credential related to your career and career goals. By adding your badge to social media networks you can increase your odds of being noticed by potential employers and your network.

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Start Something New

Save up to $2,300 by earning six college credits with Montana Dual Enrollment.

Careers with starting salaries of $45,000-$60,000 await you upon completion of programs such as:

These programs and many others offer affordable opportunities to gain the credentials you need.

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Switch Things Up!

Are you ready to shift careers? Regardless of your current profession, you can explore an exciting career change.

Over the next ten years, Montana will see job growth in a number of occupations including:

There are online baccalaureate leveling programs, master's programs, and professional certificate programs. Many of these credentials can be completed in a year or less. You can join our programs while keeping your job.

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Grow in Your Profession

Regardless of your profession, we can help you find the professional development you need.

Through the University of Montana, we can provide you with numerous opportunities in continuing education. Among them:

Let us know what you're looking for and we will help you find it.

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New Skills & Programs

Whether you're a construction worker, entrepreneur, educator, or innovator, there are trainings available to provide you with new skills and qualifications.

Top 5 skills that an employer is looking for:

There are courses available that support you in building one or more of these skills so you can meet your career goals.

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Featured Programs


Montana Code School

Become a software developer. Learn high-demand skills that will make you a competitive developer in a rapidly expanding industry. The Montana Code School is a program of the University of Montana and Missoula College. 

Online Bootcamp 




Certified Public Manager

Montana Certified Public Manager® Program provides an in-depth, comprehensive, competency-based, nationally certified program for all managers from public non-profit and business sectors to inspire positive change in their workplaces and communities.

Online & In-person

One Year



Pursue Your Passion Startup

Pursue Your Passions course for women who are curious about starting something. Explore your values and see how they play into the possibility of starting an entrepreneurial pursuit - a business, nonprofit, or project at your work - even if you are considering buying a business. 

Online Class

9 weeks 


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Commercial Driver's License

Our Commercial Driver's License (CDL) training prepares truck drivers for a Montana Class A License. 890,000 new drivers will be needed during the next decade, with an average salary of $45,000. If you have a passion for driving and love job independence, start building a career in one of many truck driving jobs that are available today.

Training at Missoula College

5 weeks 


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Cloud Computing Technical Skills

The Certificate of Technical Skills in Cloud Computing provides the foundations to understand, use, and provision cloud resources, including general networking and network infrastructure; installation use, and administration of Operating Systems; Virtualization.; fundamental security concepts; and cloud computing concepts, use, and provisioning.

6 classes at Missoula College

1 - 2 semesters

Costs varies


Medical Claims Specialist

The Certificate in Medical Claims Specialist program prepares professionals for insurance organizations and healthcare facilities. This fast-track program teaches foundational skills to understand medical benefit plans, the claims process, and to work collaboratively with other team members. 

8 classes at Missoula College

8 months

Cost varies

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With over 50 programs, we can help you find what you are looking for. 

We will work with you to design and deliver programming that fits your interests and career goals. 

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