Amanda Bearmedicine - Production Assistant Case Study

July 11, 2023 Accelerate Montana Team

Amanda Bearmedicine with clapboard

"I was scared that there was no Indigenous representation.  The next thing you know, I met two other directors from Browning, Montana and it made me want to just do it, because if they can do it, why can't I do it and do the same thing?  It gave me a voice!"

With an increasing demand for diverse stories and voices, there is a growing need for indigenous individuals like Amanda Bearmedicine to join the film and television industry. By taking on this role, Amanda is contributing to creating more authentic and inclusive narratives.



Exploring Inspiring Careers  

"I did the PA course in August.  My first job was in September, and that was with J.K. Simmons' 'The Woods'...and to just be a part of it, for the first time, as a job opportunity, since taking the course, was a big eye opener.  The next thing you know it led me down being a PA for 'Yellowstone', and NBC News, everything.  I was just doing so many different things.  I was getting so many job offers, so many emails, that I couldn't keep up anymore."  


Career Pivot With Rapid Training

 Amanda is someone who is passionate about the film and television industry.  When she was looking for a new career path, a production assistant was not even something she had considered! This exciting role allows Amanda to be a part of the action.  Being a production assistant has opened doors to various jobs and valuable work experience. Amanda signed up for Accelerate Montana's Production Assistant course through the Media Training Center.  

With this training, she kickstarted her journey in the film industry and was provided with fulfilling job prospects. With opportunities available in Montana and beyond, this course offers a chance to gain valuable experience, build connections, and make a meaningful impact in the media world. 

Finding Her Passion In Her New Career

Amanda found her calling as a production assistant.  Like many others, she was unsure of what she wanted to do until she discovered the world of film and television. Amanda is now  immersed in an industry that values creativity, collaboration, and hard work.  

"This was the best decision I made.  I quit my job to pursue what I actually love. And, I didn't even know I loved it!"

So why wait? Take the first step towards YOUR future as a production assistant and embark on an exciting journey to your new career!

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