Thomas Kline- Plumbing

November 6, 2023 Accelerate Montana Team

“If you throw a dart at Montana, wherever it sticks as a plumber and electrician you will have work.”

Clean water needs to flow through our homes and our businesses. Waste needs to be safely carried away. Without plumbers, public health and sanitation would be at risk. By choosing this trade, you become a vital part of any community, serving a fundamental need that impacts the life of every single citizen.


Exploring Opportunities with Plumbing 

“The opportunity to become your own business owner is endless.”

The demand for skilled plumbers remains consistently high. This will never change. You can work the largest of cities, the smallest of towns, or anywhere your heart desires. “As a plumber you can stay in Montana for as long as you’d like.” Financial security is assured, as well as the potential for upward mobility within the industry. 


Optimized Training

“Most guys and gals aren't super good at the homework. They're really great in the field, but they can't quite grasp the homework side of it—the bookwork—”  That’s where Accelerate Montana comes into play.  

For those who prefer a hands-on approach and enjoy solving practical problems, plumbing offers a dynamic and engaging work environment. This program gives you access to a peer group environment and knowledgeable instructors that help guide you to success. 


Finding Fulfillment In His New Career

Being a plumber allows you to directly witness the positive impact of your work on people's lives. You contribute to the comfort and safety of homes and businesses, while gaining financial security, and fostering a sense of satisfaction and pride in the services you provide!


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