Professional Revit-BIM Accelerated Program

Optimize, upskill, cross-train, or onboard your workforce with advanced training on Revit - BIM and Civil 3D skills in a comprehensive 20-week program.


Program Overview & Benefits

Our Professional Revit-BIM Accelerated Program, delivered in 20 weeks in cohort groups, includes self-paced online modules, onsite hands-on construction training, and weekly access to a success coach.

Training Components:  

  • Blueprint Reading (Residential & Commercial)
  • Revit-BIM (Building Information Modelling)
  • Construction Essentials
  • Job Site Ready Preparedness

Success Coach
Throughout the entire program, trainees will have access to weekly check-ins with an experienced Success Coach to facilitate practical application of learning content.





#1: Blueprint Reading Essentials - 6 weeks

Blueprint Reading for Residential Construction (10 clock hours)

  • Utilizes lectures, hands-on demonstrations and lab exercises to familiarize participants with the art of blueprint reading.

Blueprint Reading for Commercial Construction (20 clock hours)

  • An in-depth study of architectural, civil, engineering, interior and other construction documents for a mixed-use commercial project.

#2: Revit - BIM Professional Training Bundle - 12 weeks

Introduction to Revit (30 clock hours)

  • Learn the basics of Revit, including how to create 3D models, add materials and textures, and create views.

Intermediate Revit (30 clock hours)

  • Students cover more advanced topics in Revit, such as creating schedules, families, and parametric modeling.

BIM Construction Documents 1 & 2 (60 clock hours)

  • These courses cover the creation of construction documents in Revit, including plans, sections, elevations, and details.

BIM Detailing (20 clock hours)

  • This course covers the creation of detailed 3D models in Revit, including components, assemblies, and annotation.

#3: Job Site Ready - 2 weeks

Job Site Ready (JSR) (45 clock hours)

  • JSR is Accelerate Montana’s training is a job-preparedness program that equips participants with essential skills required to start an entry-level job in the Construction trades. Participants learn about tool use and maintenance, materials handling, workplace safety, industrial practices, and project management.

    The program combines 30 hours of self-paced online learning, followed by 15 hours of hands-on, onsite training offered at various dates and locations across Montana.

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