Governor Gianforte on Accelerate MT

August 18, 2022 Accelerate Montana Team

State of Montana Newsroom

During a roundtable discussion yesterday at Missoula College, Governor Greg Gianforte emphasized the importance of Accelerate Montana, a statewide workforce development organization led by the University of Montana.

“As our economy grows, so are opportunities to work in a good-paying job here, and rapid training programs through Accelerate Montana are helping job creators fill key positions across the state. Accelerate Montana is one of the brightest spots of innovation in the university system,” Gov. Gianforte said. “When you couple the Montana work ethic with the opportunities Accelerate Montana offers, the result is a highly qualified, highly skilled workforce that you can only find here in Montana.”

A collaborative partnership led by the University of Montana, Accelerate Montana is establishing a series of rapid retraining and upskilling programs that will train up to 5,000 Montanans in sectors such as technology, construction, health care, manufacturing, and infrastructure. To jumpstart the programs, Accelerate Montana is partnering with high schools and private, public, and tribal colleges across the state to develop or adapt trainings to meet the needs for skilled positions across priority industries in Montana. 

While on campus at Missoula College yesterday, Gov. Gianforte met with students, graduates, training providers, employers, education leaders, and industry stakeholders to receive an update on the progress of various Accelerate Montana training programs.

First, the governor joined students and industry representatives for a roundtable discussion on how technology career programs are creating greater opportunity for more Montanans.

Then, the governor heard from trainees and employers participating in the commercial drivers license (CDL) rapid training program.

Accelerate Montana is collaborating with new and existing CDL programs at two-year colleges around the state with innovative approaches and models to expand access to CDL training.

Finally, Gov. Gianforte visited with Job Site Ready, a program designed to equip learners with the work experience and essential skills to start an entry-level job in the construction trades. Since 2020, Job Site Ready has collaborated with education and industry partners across the state to train over 70 students.

Promoting education opportunities to empower Montanans with in-demand skills, create better-paying Montana jobs, and build a stronger workforce is a central element of the governor’s Montana Comeback Plan.

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