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$6M Grant Will Support Rapid-Training Programs For Montana Workers

February 16, 2022 Accelerate Montana Team

Montana Public Radio

The Montana Department of Labor is putting $6 million toward a training program aimed at routing skilled workers to employers.

The grant will go to Accelerate Montana, a collaboration of organizations led by the University of Montana, to support rapid training and instruction for up to 5,000 Montanans in industry-specific jobs. Gov. Greg Gianforte in a press release said the program will help Montana employers meet their workforce needs.

Earlier this year the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis noted that although employment in Montana has rebounded during the pandemic, lower labor force participation and a tight job market complicates the recovery.

Accelerate Montana will partner with high schools and colleges to develop training for industries across the state.

To read the full article on Montana Public Radio, click here

Zurek, Erica. "$6 million grant will support rapid-training programs for Montana workers." Montana Public Radio, 16 Feb 2022,


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