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Career Advising and Consulting



Step 1: Initial Consultation

To best serve you we need to know more about you. What is your educational and work background? Have you participated in online learning before? Are you a displaced worker, already work currently, or are you a veteran? Are you an enrolled member of a federally recognized tribe? During your initial call, we will assess your needs and then provide you with recommendations about your most beneficial next steps. 

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Step 2: Course Identification & Financial Support Exploration

After learning about you, we'll go through the course options on our website. Based upon the information you provided during our initial consultation, we will be able to refer you to financial support resources that you could be eligible to receive support in many different forms, as well as the type of course that's best for you to pursue in your area of interest whether it be online, in person, or hybrid. 



Step 3: Course Registration

Registration can look different to each person depending on the courses they are interested in. You will find all the registration information you need under the course tabs. If there are any problems registering or contacting the training provider representative, just reach out, we are always here to help. 





Step 4: Course Participation, Connection to Job Placement Resources, and Preparation For Work

At this point, quite a bit is going on, you're making great progress! As you are making a decision about which courses to register for, we will connect you with the representative from your local Job Service office so you can start your career exploration. It's best to do this now, while you are starting or currently taking a course. This helps you ready yourself for the transition into employment as quickly as possible upon course completion. 



Step 5: Follow-Up: Impressions of the Course and Job Placement Outcome

We want to stay in touch and hear how things are going for you throughout this process. We want to hear your feedback after course completion. Three months after course completion, we will reach out to find out how you are doing and if we can provide any additional support. You can also reach out at any point along the way. 



Ticia Cliff, Learning and Career Coordinator-

Ticia Cliff_RESIZED


I am enrolled Aaniiih (Gros Venture) from the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation and have a bachelor's degree in Health and Human Performance with a concentration in Community Health from The University of Montana and a Behavioral Health Technician Certification. My background is in community engagement and I am passionate about helping people identify courses that we curate that might be of interest to you. Schedule a call for a consultation. We'll discuss your interests and take into consideration what you have done in the past, as far as your work history, and explore possible financial aid options.

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